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    1. AIM Rule 26

      The information contained within the section of this website is for the purposes of AIM Rule 26:

      Business Description

      Abcam is a global life sciences company providing highly validated antibodies and other binders and assays to the research and clinical communities to help advance the understanding of biology and causes of disease.

      Our mission is to serve life scientists to help them achieve their mission faster by listening to their needs, continuously innovating and improving and by giving them the tools, data and experience they want. Our ambition is to become the most influential life science company for researchers worldwide.

      The company was founded in 1998 and has been listed on the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange since 2005.

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      Company Directors

      Information on the Company Directors can be found here.

      Corporate Governance

      Information on Corporate Governance can be found here.

      UK Takeover Code Applicability

      The UK City Code on Takeovers and Mergers applies to the Company.

      Country of Incorporation and Operations

      Country of incorporation : England and Wales
      Company registration number : 3509322
      Main country of operation : United Kingdom

      Company Documents

      Articles of Association
      Admission Document
      Memorandum of Association

      Annual Reports?and Accounts

      Annual Reports and Accounts for the last three years can be found here.

      Details of Restrictions on the Transfer of Securities

      There are no restrictions on the transfer of ordinary shares.

      Details of any other Exchanges

      The securities of the Company are traded on the AIM market operated by the London Stock Exchange plc. Its shares have not been admitted, nor have any applications been made, for any of its shares to be admitted or traded on any other exchanges or trading platform.

      Securities Information

      AIM securities in issue: As at 30 April 2019 there were 205,597,614 ordinary shares of 0.2 pence each.
      As at 30 April 2019 the percentage of shares not held in public hands (as defined by AIM rule 26) was 23.05%.
      The identity and shareholdings of the Company’s significant shareholders can be found here.

      Advisor Information

      All Company Advisor Information can be found here.

      Registered Address

      Regulatory News

      This information was last updated on 31 October 2017.

      About Abcam

      Abcam is a producer and marketer of high quality protein research tools. These tools enable life scientists to analyse components of living cells at the molecular level which is essential in a wide range of fields including drug discovery, diagnostics, and basic research.

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      Abcam Products

      As an innovator in reagents and tools, Abcam offers highly validated binders and assays to address important targets in critical biological pathways.

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      Investor Information

      Abcam is listed on the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange under the ticker ABC, and our investors' centre includes a range of information on our company, including our news, financial reports and investor contacts

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      Abcam News

      We provide updates on our commercial and financial progress through regular press releases which can be accessed through the Company's media centre.

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